Drawings on the walls

Drawings on the walls

To customize the walls, it's not just posters, stickers, paintings, wallpaper or effect paint. The designs also adorn the facades to give them a decidedly arty taste! But it is not a question of sticking the works on white sheet… Discover 3 original ideas to infuse an artistic note into the decor.

Draw on the walls

Thanks to the Gribouille paint from Maison Décorative, the walls are transformed into school boards: you can draw in chalk and clean everything with a simple swipe of the cloth. A playful note welcome in the child's room, the kitchen or the office. Souls of artists and lovers of sketches on the walls, it's up to you!

Apply a decal

As for Nouvelles Images, the greatest artists invite you to draw on your walls, or almost. The brand offers a decal reproducing the sketch or drawing of a famous artist such as Picasso. Applying in just 5 minutes, the work appears as if it had been drawn freehand. The result is stunning and awfully arty! Heart stroke…

Use stencil technique

Another solution to display a drawing on a wall: use the stencil technique. On Leroy Merlin's side, there is a large choice of patterns allowing to reproduce among others animals for the children's room, a chandelier for the living room or silhouettes for the teenage bedroom. Like what, being gifted in drawing is not essential to personalize the walls in an arty way!