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What do I take to the campsite?

What do I take to the campsite?

With more than 930,000 pitches (40% of European campsites), France is undoubtedly the king country for camping in Europe. We are therefore well placed to know that for a successful camping holiday, it is better to think of everything before departure! And yes, because in this kind of stay, you create your own habitat and meals, not to mention the linen you need.

What I bring for my meals

Because the greatest pleasure of camping is meals with family or friends, you might as well be well equipped! Among the essentials: the table and the seats. So that space is minimal in the car, we think of foldable garden furniture, much more practical, simply nomadic. Why not also adorn yourself with a plaid, a tablecloth and floor cushions for picnic desires? And it's not over. In fact, you could not do without a cooler to keep drinks and dishes cool, or a portable barbecue in the perspective of delicious summer grills. Finally, we think of the essential kitchen utensils: a frying pan, a saucepan, a salad bowl, cutlery and tea towels.

What I take for my nights

For those who do not sleep in a motorhome or in a mobile home, it is inevitably time to choose the most important equipment of the holidays: the tent, knowing that there is something for everyone, from the most compact for one or two people with extra large compartments so that everyone has their own private space. And of course, everything that goes with it: inflatable mattress, floor mat, bed linen and sleeping bag.

What I take away from the laundry

Who says camping says pool or beach days. So rather than a towel, we equip ourselves doubly to distinguish bathing and shower time. And because the car is already full, rather than taking all your wardrobe, you think of washing dirty laundry on the spot: so you have to take something to hang clothes. The ideal? A foldable dryer to optimize space or why not, a rope to hang! Good holidays ! Continue reading with articles on the same subject: The camping spirit takes over the garden, The camping table accompanies your summer.