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6 decor ideas to extend your vacation

6 decor ideas to extend your vacation

The holidays are already over and the start of the school year has come to an end… Each year it's the same, summer goes by at a crazy pace! We would have resumed a little more good time. Lounging on the beach with a good book in hand, picnicking on a hiking trail, hearing the laughter of children ... But now the leaves are beginning to adorn themselves with colors and the days are getting shorter. The children went back to school, and we went back to the office! Sadness. But don't worry, if the start of the school year gives us the drone, there are nevertheless small decorative tips to extend your vacation. Atmospheres, materials, plants and other design details… A back to school in the colors of Indian summer!

1. From plant to natural

© BoubouTeaTime A bouquet of pretty flowers, ideal for perfuming and brightening up your interior! When you've spent the whole summer venting and filling up on nature, it's not easy to say goodbye to your desire for the outdoors. In that case, why not bring some plants inside? Pretty scented flowers on the kitchen table, some green plants in the living room, and beautiful succulents on the windowsill ... A true ode to nature! And if we installed ferns in the bathroom ? Nothing like it to recharge your batteries in the morning! If we prefer flower arrangements, we opt for a subscription. At some florists or on the internet, we have the possibility to receive a bouquet every week or every month, directly at home. And for Do It Yourself fans, some florists offer delivery of bouquets to compose yourself. What brighten your days!

2. An ethnic-inspired decor

© Baba Souk Berber rugs, ethnic cushions, colored baskets and juju hat… for a warm and colorful decor! For potential globetrotters, we adopt an ethnic decor. Travel souvenirs, geometric patterns, bright colors… Enough to extend the summer atmosphere! Head to Morocco with a beautiful Beni Ouarain carpet, pretty pom pom baskets and patterned cushions. The Berber trend is on the rise this season, and why not a juju hat on the living room wall? This Cameroonian sacred headdress made of feathers is on all the decoration magazines… And for good reason: diverted from its original use, it brings a touch of lightness and freshness to your interior. How about continuing the journey to the Mexico ? Aztec prints, ikat fabrics and colorful weavings… Travel guaranteed for a caliente atmosphere!

3. A tropical atmosphere

© Bricofamily Tropical plants, rattan furniture, a few graphic lines ... The trick is played for a resolutely modern exotic atmosphere! After having traveled the globe on the borders of Africa and Central America, why not succumb to charms of the Antilles ? We adopt rattan furniture as in colonial houses. Nothing could be more trendy with a few pretty tropical-looking cushions! Pineapple, flamingos, banana leaves and hibiscus flowers… We don't hesitate to play the card of the color and pattern … For a colorful Urban Jungle atmosphere! And why not a new wallpaper? A few strips on a section of wall will already give a different dimension to the room. If you have a beamed ceiling, you hang a hammock! There are now very pretty ones, with different types of comfort. Perfect to warm your heart this winter!

4. Bright colors

© Maison Créative Blue, green, yellow, red… It vibrates and it sparkles in color, for our greatest happiness! For a sparkling summer decor, we dare the color! Whatever the room of the house, it is always possible to add some colorful touches. Cushions, curtains, tablecloths, bed linen, bath sheets, baskets, wall weavings… So many simple textile elements to renew for a warm decor! But we can also bet on accessories : planters, vases, dishes, pretty boxes… Ideas are not lacking. Two or three colors dominant will be enough to set the tone. And why not a few reasons well tuned? It's your turn !

5. Light materials

© Becquet / Heytens We like the light curtains which let in the light, the singularity of the linen, and the naturalness of the cotton. Ready for takeoff? Direction the islands at the end of the world and their sweetness of life ! A shore made of white sand and crystal clear water, a scent of monoi, light curtains that float in the breeze ... We offer ourselves fluids which diffuse the light. We swap its heavy blackout curtains for transparent sails. And if we opted for pretty foutas as a plaid on the living room sofa? Add washed linen cushions in clear, natural tones, and voila!

6. Full of light

© Frenchy Fancy / Pearl Of Guingland guinguette or candles, we love the sparkling side of these little lights that sparkle our interior. Summer is undoubtedly the brightest season of all. To extend your vacation, we take care to preserve this brightness. For this, we choose pretty lights so as not to sink on the dark side! Floor lamp, pendant lamp, desk lamp, light garland… There are many forms! The ideal: mix them as needed. In a very hygge mind, we also think of candles. For more security, we put on candles LED in real wax, very realistic. And why not have one or two lanterns in your living room or bedroom? Perfect for a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of sweet summer evenings. Finally, to keep morale in all circumstances, there are now light therapy lamps. Reproducing a light close to daylight, nothing like it against fatigue and low morale. You will understand, nothing prevents a good idleness in the comfort of his house. Maximum light, color, a few plants and a decor that invites you to travel ... With these few ideas, it would seem that summer has not said its last word!