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Focus on… Hanging beds

Focus on… Hanging beds

Hanging bed: how to define it?

By definition, the hanging bed is a footless bed. Therefore, the hanging bed can take two forms. It can be floating when attached to the headboard or overhead by hanging from the ceiling using a system of ropes or cables. In the first case, it easily finds its place in contemporary style rooms. In the second case, the hanging bed is ideal in a room with bohemian, country or Scandinavian looks. It is precisely this configuration that interests us since it is one of the main trends of the moment.

Advantages and disadvantages

As you can see, the bed hanging from the ceiling is causing more and more fury on the front of the decor scene. It must be said that there is nothing better for falling asleep than being rocked lightly. It is also a great way to free up space and therefore save space in the bedroom. You can even take the opportunity to slide chests or storage baskets under the bed!

And as if that were not enough, the hanging bed can also allow you some savings. Indeed, the suspended box spring can be satisfied with a large plywood plate, wooden pallets or even a trampoline! Let your imagination speak ...

The only downside? The hanging bed does not install anywhere. You must imperatively check that your ceiling is capable of supporting such a weight. And for that, there is nothing better than approaching a professional to ask him for advice.

Make your hanging bed

Another advantage of the hanging bed and not the least: it allows self-construction. For a first test, the simplest is to choose the construction of a box spring suspended in wooden pallets. Then you need rope or chains and hooks to secure it. Without forgetting the mattress, cushions and all bed linen.

Are you afraid of getting started? Why not start with a miniature version? Follow the tutorial from The Merrythought blog for inspiration. A creation that can easily be imagined indoors and outdoors. Attached to the ceiling in a child's room, suspended from beams to create a relaxation corner in the attic or even in the living room to add original seating. In the garden, you can find a place for it under a pergola or hanging directly from a large, solid tree to nap in the shade…