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Trendy color associations for fall winter 2019-2020

Trendy color associations for fall winter 2019-2020

1 / Living coral + red

Color Pantone 2019, the living coral has not finished tinting our interiors. This season, we adopt this delicious coral shade on the walls that we just warm with little touches of red in decoration (armchair, cushions, carpet ...). Are we less a fan of red? The living coral also goes very well with the White and the pink.

2 / Olive green + yellow

The green is still present in the decoration in this end of year 2019-2020. Ultra natural, it is suitable for all rooms, from the living room to the kitchen, including the bedrooms, the entrance and the bathroom. Although it blends very well with more neutral tones, we prefer to mix it with stronger tones this season to boost our interior decoration. The big star of this winter is the olive green whose yellow reflections make it warm. We mix it with a yellow chick, in a little touch, to accentuate its cozy side.

3 / Old pink + gray

The pink remains very present in the interior design. It is particularly appreciated at the end of the year for its touch of sweetness, its elegance, its refinement, but also its poetic and feminine side which it gives to all decorations. In total look or with small distilled touches on furniture, decorative objects or textiles, we still love it as much! This season, we prefer the shade old pink, less light, more shimmering, perfect for warming up. To be in trend, we associate it with Grey, and why not a gray mouse, for example.

4 / Terracotta + beige

The brown is doing well in the trendy color classification in this fall winter 2019-2020. And for good reason, it brings an ultra warm side without darkening a room too much (if we choose the tone and associate it with bright shades). This season, it is very appreciated in its version intense rust, warmer and more dynamic, which is none other than theterracotta. The latter indeed brings a feeling of authenticity, warmth and certainly gives character to a room. We associate it wonderfully with beige.

5 / Eggplant + coral

Old fashioned, purple? You would think so since the eggplant color has been in turmoil since the start of the year. And so much the better since it presents many tones which allow very daring marriages in decoration. This fall-winter, we love to associate it with color coral to energize it. Coral on the walls, eggplant on furniture, objects and textiles.

6 / Night blue + yellow

Whatever its nuance, the blue gives a soothing and reassuring atmosphere to our rooms. Although it is a cold color, it brings a lot of life and turns out to be an effective remedy against winter depression ... At the end of the year, we dareassociation of midnight blue with sun yellow that it boosts in our decor.

7 / Orange + gray

Like the desire for an interior that sparkles despite the greyness outside? We say yes toorange ! But beware, to avoid the decorative faux pas, we're not going there free, but sparingly in our decor. To counterbalance its ultra-vitamin boosting effect, we combine it with one or more natural colors. More sophisticated than white, so we choose the Grey.

8 / Honey beige + white

Warmer than an eye shell beige, less pronounced than a dark beige, the honey beige is ideal to adopt in this inter-season. Like all other shades of beige, honey beige adapts to all decor styles. To strengthen its natural and soothing side, we do not hesitate to combine it with White in our decor.

9 / Navy + white

The Navy blue has become a decoration this year. Although it is intense, it is a cold color that it is fashionable to decline discreetly in our interior to prevent it from being too sad, especially in this season… We adopt navy blue in small touches in the decor, on the sofa, the armchair, the carpet or the cushions, for example. We mix it with White and natural materials to enhance it.

10 / Mustard yellow + black

Same as orange: the yellow fights gray clouds, the cold and the monotony of autumn and winter. Sun yellow, straw yellow, chick yellow ... Whatever its nuance, it awakens and energizes our interiors. This season, we prefer it in its nuance mustard yellow and comes to associate it with black, for a cozy, chic and cocooning atmosphere.