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How to modernize a rustic decoration?

How to modernize a rustic decoration?

Declutter your interior

Who says rustic decoration generally says bulky furniture. Indeed, this type of interior generally includes solid, rather bulky wooden furniture. Getting rid of this furniture will allow you to free up space and of facilitate circulation in the rooms. So, if your means allow, replace your imposing furniture with furniture at the lighter structure. This applies to the dining room table, the sideboard as well as the beds and cupboards. If you cannot afford such an expense, then you can lighten your furniture using patina or by removing the doors which you can replace with glass or, as the trend wants, by nothing at all in order to obtain open furniture. of the light furniture are less visible and therefore more modern. Also remember to always choose furniture whose dimensions are well suited to the space intended to accommodate them.

Bring brightness

Bringing light to a room with rustic decoration will allow it to be modernized in just a few gestures. The brightness is obtained both naturally and artificially. For that, replace your heavy and thick curtains with flares by fine and light curtains. Then use if necessary sober hooks which will not weigh down the whole and will allow light to enter the room even more. You can further accentuate the brightness by choosing for example for example a curtain in metallic fabric which has the particularity of reflecting light. You can also illuminate the room using mirrors. If you can, place a mirror in front of a window which will double the brightness. If your rooms are closed, you can also open the kitchen for example on the living room. A canopy of atelier can be used as a light and transparent partition that will allow light to circulate throughout the space. Finally, multiply the light points by placing lamps in particular in the slightly darker recesses or by also lighting up any niches or cornices in your room.

Arrange decoration accessories

A good way to modernize a rustic decoration and to bring it freshness with decorative accessories such as frames, rugs, cushions or even vases. Be sure to choose one style and an same colour that you can decline according to a camaieu for more harmony. The carpets, on the other hand, modernize the room and delimit the spaces while providing a warm atmosphere.

Bring color

A rustic decoration generally favors dark shades such as brown. Bringing touches of color will blow a modern breeze into your interior. Several solutions are available to you. You can indeed choose to have in your interior colored decorative objects to bring pep's. So, brightly colored cushions will look great on a gray or taupe sofa. Similarly, a carpet in a neutral tone embellished with colorful patterns will be a real asset of modernity. You can also opt for a brightly colored sofa or armchair and assert to enhance the atmosphere. Finally, you have the opportunity to repaint for example doors or a section of wall in a more current color to modernize the space.

Change the soil

Rustic decoration is generally synonymous with brown tiling or any other dark covering. Changing the floor is then a great way to modernize your interior. Then opt for a solid oak parquet floor but in current tones such as gray white. You can choose to choose a effect tile very trendy like a concrete or parquet imitation. Another equally modernizing and less expensive solution is to cover your old floor with a pvc floor imitating these coatings.