Plants of sunshine

Plants of sunshine

Plants and the Sun

All plants need sunlight to grow. Plants planted in overly shaded areas may not produce flowers or fruit, or even die. But too much sunshine can also be harmful to the growth of a plant. Plants called sunshine or full sun, tolerate or may even need direct and prolonged sunshine to flourish. They are generally classified in the category of Mediterranean or exotic plants.

Plants in full sun, ideal for gardens facing due south

To arrange a particularly warm garden bathed in light, it is advisable to opt for sunshine plants. And the choice is quite wide. For example, roses, carnations or thyme will be planted. In the category of trees and shrubs, you can also opt for the fig tree, hibiscus, mimosa and lavender. As for climbing plants, we will rather choose jasmine or passionflower. Be careful though because, if the sunshine plants love the heat, you should not forget to water them at dusk, abundantly but not too often.