Repainting a paneling on the ceiling and a plastered wall

Repainting a paneling on the ceiling and a plastered wall

Question from Fredericke


Design answer: clean and prepare the supports well before repainting paneling or a plaster wall

Hello Fredericke, to paint the paneling of your ceiling, I advise you to dust it with a vacuum cleaner, then apply with a "rabbit's foot" roller an undercoat of grip for glass or tiling and, after drying, an acrylic paint in the shade of your choice, matte finish for a more velvety finish. The result will be impeccable! Your other question concerns the tools necessary to repaint a plastered wall painted with white paint. You must know, first of all, that repainting a plaster wall is not difficult if the surface is perfectly prepared. First, using a soft brush, dust the wall. Then, if necessary, reseal and smooth the holes and cracks. If this work is not done, your paint will not adhere properly and scales may quickly appear.Then, you can apply a base fixer on the surface, if it is very porous. Apply an undercoat of paint on your surface to nourish the support. Let dry and lightly sand with fine-grained sandpaper. Dust with the soft brush. Finally, paint the surface with a coat of paint and allow to dry. Do not hesitate to apply a second coat if necessary for optimal color rendering. You too, send us your decoration question