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Seventies patterns for a stylish decor

Seventies patterns for a stylish decor

Rounded lines, psychedelic shapes, vintage colors ... The motifs of the 70s are far from being forgotten! On the contrary, they bring a touch of lightness and humor to the decoration while boosting it thanks to its pop and vitamin colors.

Retro pop decoration

The pop style, which emerged in the 70s, is first of all the result of an economic and social context. Movements for peace and freedom, desire for fun and lightness, democratization of art and decoration ... Many trends that have prompted designers to change shapes and colors in terms of interior design. The lines are rounded and become globular, even psychedelic! Toned colors take advantage: the brighter they are, the better! Red, different shades of orange, or pink are in the spotlight, as are the more metallic tones (gray or electric blue).

How to combine seventies patterns with your decoration?

One watchword: no overload, especially if the space is small! On the other hand, these patterns are ideal for waking up a slightly too drab interior and boosting the atmosphere. So we choose a section of wall to integrate strips of vintage wallpaper, or even pretty cushions to glazing your sofa Used sparingly, on a limited range of colors (no need to transform your living room into a rainbow!), seventies patterns are highlighted and illuminate your decor.